Day 41

Tonight, for no reason at all, I experimented with writing limericks.

Now, I’m no poet, but I had a lot of fun with it.

I wrote the first one while staring at my cat….

The shack on the end kept a cat,

Who was meaner than Old Uncle Pat.

She’d hiss and she’d yowl

And let out a howl

And scratch at the feet on the mat.

And the second may or may not expose my feelings about the growing mess in my car….

Up there lives the queen of the trash,

Who rules via fear of the lash

Tight grip on the helm;

The dumpster, her realm;

Moldy breads and wrappers, her cache.

(But rest assured: There are no moldy breads in my car.)

Maybe I should write limericks for fun more often! Want to try? These tips from Power Poetry helped me get started!

Who just sits down and randomly writes limericks? I do. Find out why on my “About” page.

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