Day 42

Today, I was at the dollar store, saw 25-cent seed packets, and decided to give a little gardening a try. Let’s just hope it goes better than the sunflowers I tried to grow a couple weeks ago.

Also, note the words on the front of my dollar-store gardening tin: “Fluers & Jardin.” I think… there’s a mistake here… “Jardin” is French for “garden,” and “fleurs” is French for flowers. Though it’s a bit of an odd phrase, “Fleurs & Jardin” ultimately makes sense—but that’s not what’s written here.

As far as I can tell (source: Google, five years of French, and my linguistics background), “fluers” doesn’t really mean anything. Except maybe this:

“Flue,” for the record, appears to mean “fly.” Therefore, I have no choice but to use this tin to become a fly farmer. Can you milk a fly?

I’m delighted by this typo, and I can’t wait to have a pedant over and listen to them explain French to me. (It’s the little things in life. Truly.)

Why am I going on about a dollar-store tin? Check out my “About” page for more details.

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