Day 96

Today, I came across someone’s social media post about a fascinating dream they had, and I begrudged my own unfailingly mundane dreams. In the past, I’ve lamented the untapped creative potential of my dreams when I’ve heard of others’ fantastical adventures, but tonight, I want to try something new.

According to the ever-trustworthy internet, one way to improve dream recall is to keep a dream journal, so that’s what I’ll do.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Another journal? Yes, it’s true that I incorporate four journals in my before-bed routine and a bullet journal throughout my day. Yes, I know that brings me to a whopping total of five daily journals. Butand hear me out on thisthis would be a morning journal. I don’t have any morning journals yet.

My journaling habit might be out of control, but we’re going to ignore that for now.

I’ve enjoyed studying dreams this evening, and I’m looking forward to trying to log my own.

Check out my “About” page for more information on The Spontaneity Project.

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