Day 53

Last week, I told my students that I’ve started growing flowers. Today, one of my students sat down across from me and slid a packet of flower seeds toward me. It was a gift, he explained, since I grow flowers now. I stared at him, reeling from how this 10-year-old had spent $0.25 and given me one of the most thoughtful gifts I’d ever received.

So they do listen to me, I couldn’t help but think. I’d completely forgotten that I had even told the class about my mini flower garden, and yet, this kidone of my most hyperactive, distractible studentshad paid enough attention that he could surprise me with an act of kindness a week later.

Maybemaybe I’m getting through to them, even if only in small ways.

All of this leads me to today’s act of spontaneity: I went to the dollar store to get what I need to start a classroom flower garden with those seeds. Maybe more kindness can grow from this. (Too punny?)

It’s amazing how these acts of spontaneity build on each other in unexpected ways! Check out my “About” page for more information on The Spontaneity Project.

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