Day 39

One of my biggest shortcomings as a teacher lately is that I have been letting grading pile up. At the beginning of the quarter, I had every intention of grading work every day, but somehow, it’s the middle of February and that just hasn’t happened.


All of this is to say that I desperately needed to do some grading this evening, but the task felt insurmountable.

Cue fellow teacher’s suggestion to grade at Denny’s.

I followed that teacher’s suggestion without really thinking about ithence spontaneityand three hours later, I’ve made a significant dent in the backlog. Maybe it was the activity around me, maybe it was the use of food as bribery, maybe it was Denny’s existence as a liminal spacefor some reason, sitting at Denny’s really helped.


Check out my “About” page for more information on The Spontaneity Project.

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