Day 28

So… picking just one act of spontaneity for today is a challenge because it was just one after another.

First, I invited a coworker friend out to dinner as I passed her in the parking lot, and we went right away. I didn’t even really think about it; I saw that she looked upset, rolled down my window, and suggested happy hour.

Then, I saw a Redbox in the CVS parking lot and pulled in but ultimately decided against it—until I noticed another one just outside the grocery store as I went in to pick up something for work. It felt like fate, and suddenly, I was standing in front of it, jabbing the screen with my finger. Now, I know that was just me falling for marketing tactics, but hey, whatever adds a little variety to life, right?

Have any of you used Redbox lately? I remember when they seemed like the height of technological advancement, but now, they’re so slow. I almost gave up a few times. What kind of touch screen also uses a mouse?

When I got home, I saw that I’d missed a call from one of my good friends. Ordinarily, I’d just text back to check in and make an empty promise to set up a phone call another time. Today, though, I called back right away. (Ironically, she’s probably the most spontaneous person I’ve ever met.)

Now, all curled up, I’m starting my movie night and ignoring that my bedtime is technically in 30 minutes. Am I becoming a more spontaneous person? (Or is impulsive the word?)

Check out my “About” page for more information on The Spontaneity Project.

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