Day 27

Like many adults, I don’t often have the energy to cookproperly cookon weeknights. I know real, adulty adults meal prep on weekends or subscribe to services like Blue Apron or otherwise just power though and channel their inner chef after work, but I am not there yet.

Tonight, though, I pretended I was.

I cooked acorn squash for the first time, and after I finally pried it openI don’t even have a chef’s knife—the endeavor went pretty well. Inspired by a recipe I found by Googling “baked acorn squash,” I drizzled a mixture of brown sugar and butter over the halved squash, and then I baked it at 400° for an hour.

The finished product tasted amazing, and I couldn’t believe it only consisted of three ingredients. I really should cook more often.

Where’d the chef’s hat come from? Check out my “About” page.


  1. It’s quite true that many of the world’s best dishes are made with five ingredients or less! Congrats for giving this a one a try, and I hope you discover many more minimalist goodies in the days to come.


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