Day 17

For today’s act of spontaneity, I finally, finally, finished unpacking.

Now, I don’t mean unpacking from a recent vacation; I mean unpacking from when I first moved inin July. I was mostly moved in and settled by the end of August, but one box and two suitcases held on. November eliminated the box, but up until today, the suitcases remained.

Then, this afternoon, I finished Cait Flanders’s The Year of Less and became inspired to declutter. I decided to start with clothes, which forced me to finally tackle the suitcases I’d ignored for months.

I’m not done yetand, in fact, I think I’ll go through my clothes twice to make sure I really get rid of everything I don’t needbut my living space and my mind already feel clearer.

Also, I have way too much clothing. Seriously. Who let me buy all this stuff?

Why am I talking about decluttering? Check out my “About” page for information on The Spontaneity Project.

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