Day 81

Tonight, I watched Pan’s Labyrinth for the first timeand I have no idea why I had never seen it before. It’s just dark enough, and it’s a perfect mix of fantastical escapism and cutting reality.

The character of the faun, in particular, left an impression on me because I never quite got a read on him. I spent much of the movie wondering whether we, the audience, are supposed to trust him. I, for one, did not.

I felt vindicated in my mistrust when I noticed a strong parallel between the faun and the captain. During the climax of the movie, the faun talks about blind obedience in much the same way that the captain had right before he murdered the doctor (spoiler, sorry).

Now, since that moment with the faun turned out to be a test, it’s possible that the movie is making a statement about the dangers of blind obedience. In this case, the faun did not believe what he said about blind obedience, and he is, in fact, a trustworthy character.

Or, the faun showed his true colors and is the same breed of character as the captain. In that case, I wonder if the ending truly was bittersweet as we see at surface value or if Ofeila has something more sinister in her future.

Normally, as soon as I finish a noteworthy movie, I search it on Google and read everything about it that I can. I wanted to get this post out first, but that’s my next stop.

Off to Google!

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