Day 67

I’ve caught a coldoccupational hazard of working with childrenso I’ve had a quiet day at home. Boredom became an unwelcome houseguest, so I turned to one of my bookcases and dusted off The Lexicographer’s Dilemma.

I received the book as a gift years ago. At the time, I was a high school junior with little interest in recreational reading of nonfictionno matter how intellectual the gift giver thought I was. I carted it around through two cross-country moves and dozens of book-decluttering attempts, but I’m not sure I’ve really cracked the spine until now.

As a former linguistics student, I’m wary of anything that discusses the concept of “proper” English, but that seems to be something the author will address. I also can’t help but notice that all eight of the experts/personalities cited in the summary are white men, so I have concerns about the book’s potential lack of balance in terms of perspective and research. When a book references the work of two John/Jon’s and two George’s but no women or people of color, there might be a problem.

That said, it’s unfair to judge a book solely on its book flap, so it’s time for me to dive in.

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