Day 37

One of my best friends visited today because I won two tickets to a community event, and he agreed to join me. We had a few hours to kill when he got here, and rather than sit in front of the t.v., I suggested we go to a couple interesting parts of town.

Now, remember, I live in a small town, so there isn’t a ton to do, but there were a couple places I wanted to show him.

First stop: a deeply haunted antique store.

There are probably a dozen antique stores in this areabecause that’s what you do at the intersection of rural and touristbut this one has left quite an impression.

Second stop: a bookstore that specializes in UFOs, conspiracy theories, and “alternate history.”

Third stop: a hole-in-the-wall French bakery.

Giving this tour gave me a new sense of appreciation for my unique, for-now home, and I’m glad I did it. (But I’m still ready to move back to a city.)

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