Day 21

I went to visit with a friend today, and I totally crashed her interview with a pair of journalists.

They arrived as we were chatting. At first, I justified staying because I wanted to continue chatting after they left. The longer the interview went on, though, I realized that I was watching with fascination because I miss reporting. I worked for a few publications while I was in college, and for about two years, I aggressively pursued a career in journalism.

My path ultimately diverged, but I used to love itand I think I still do.

As I listened to her talk, one thought persisted in my mind: That’s a book. She has lived a noteworthy life, and her experiences illustrate some overlooked truths of this area and her profession. I began to outline it in my head and considered the supplemental interviews it would require.

I jokingly said, “I want to write a book about you,” and we laughed it off, but I’m not sure I was actually kidding.

I’ll sit with this for a while, but it has definitely piqued my interest, and I may or may not have already started a notes document on it.

Seriously, who crashes an interview? Check out my “About” page for more details.

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