Day 7

Work left me feeling particularly defeated this afternoon, so for today’s act of spontaneity, I drove until I didn’t feel like running away anymore.

Okay, well, technically, I drove until I ran out of road; the road eventually led into a closed park, so I couldn’t go any farther without risking trespassing charges. Still, it was a good distance from my regular stomping grounds, and the drive helped me clear my head.

As I followed the winding road up into the mountains and through little towns that boast historical relevance, I found perspective. The fog of the day’s frustrations lifted, and negative rumination subsidedpartly because it was replaced by other thoughts like “Will I get back before the storm hits?” and “Does this truck riding my tail not see the 180° curve up ahead?”

I reached the end of the roadliterally and pulled over onto the dirt shoulder to take in my surroundings. By then, there were no other cars or people anywhere in sight. I snapped this picture and then found my way back to the realm of responsibility, ready to try again.

It’s not often that I take drives just for the sake of driving. I try to be conscious of my carbon emissions, but today, pushing the walls of my cage outwardseven ever so slightlywas exactly what I needed.

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